Most organizations strive for a similar goal: to be unique.

They offer a distinctive product or service, or a comparable product with custom features and benefits.

Marketing that product and highlighting its benefits makes sense since a company cannot move forward if consumers do not buy the product. Profit is a key factor in allowing the company to produce more products and innovate.

It’s no surprise, then, that companies on average spend about $207 billion annually on advertising.*digital: $90,391,816 billion annually; non-digital: $ 116,948,742 billion; $183.52 billion advertising in U.S.

Yet, how does your external marketing efforts and financial spending compare to your internal communications marketing?

Loyal employees

What sets successful companies apart from the others, is that they recognize it isn’t solely their unique product that keeps them in business. Instead, it’s their other unique factor: their people. Their employees are the driving force – the cheerleaders – behind their ability to succeed.

Consumers today are not necessarily motivated to buy simply because of a flashy advertisement. We buy based on recommendation but even more so, how we are treated by the company and the representatives of the company we work with directly. Employees who treat consumers with dignity, listen, are willing to help, and who seem genuinely happy doing what they’re doing, are a strong testament to the organization they work for. Inadvertently, these employees are strengthening consumers’ trust in the business.

As well, when employees know the company’s products, personally use them, and every employee is in unison with their knowledge and information, then consumers feel more comfortable giving their money and time to the particular business.

A bonus for companies is that satisfied, knowledgeable employees will market your business and your products for free. Word-of-mouth marketing is a solid ally to boost your profits when employees become genuine advocates for you.

Therefore, companies that invest in their employees see long-term benefits. And when organizations treat their employees well, consumers are attracted to doing business with the company.

Ask yourself:

1. As an organization, do all my employees represent our culture positively?

2. What is our turnover rate?

3. Do all our employees understand who we are? Do they know and use our products?

4. Does the environment my employees work in motivate them?

The business’ success depends on the people behind it. Consumers come and go, so the foundation of your organization – its people – need to be built up and strengthened.

External marketing is short term because consumers are finicky. But investing in your own people builds loyalty. Your organization needs this kind of loyalty to prosper.

If your organization is putting all its finances, time and efforts into external communications and marketing, while your internal communications are weakening, you’re stunting your growth potential. Instead, focus your attention, finances and efforts on making your internal communications strong and stable.

A tenacious, loyal employee base will increase profits faster than external customers.

How to strengthen your company’s most important asset

What is a company’s most valued asset? And how can you strengthen this?
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