VIP Writing Workshop

For busy staff to write better, create engagement


Purpose: 2-Day VIP Writing Focus Workshop is to help professional staff responsible for marketing, donor relations, and communications write effectively and get a boost to start a writing project and/or compel them forward to finish their writing projects. To jumpstart and inspire in-house writers and communicators with targeted materials. Organizations create personalized templates.

Value: Participants will have learned how to construct effective communications that they can use across multiple channels. They will create systems and tools for their organization which enhances their storytelling abilities.

Who it’s for: Both commercial (c) and nonprofit (np) organizations with busy staff, and individuals, who desire to improve their writing and communications skills for their marketing, letters, blog posts and more. This is a 2-Day live workshop event held via Zoom. For up to and no more than 5 participants within the same client organization.

Why personalized training vs. online training: Stories connect us, create engagement, and form trusting relationships. Personalized training teaches us to have real, engaging conversations with humans, which impacts our storytelling ability. Just like stories have been told verbally over the years with human emotion, live training encourages team collaboration, sharing ideas and working through our challenges with community support. We prefer faces rather than faceless, one-and-done, pre-recorded online videos and templates.

Further benefits: Organizations will have created systems and templates at the ready to simplify the communications process for duplicate mediums. Attendees will have increased their writing and editing skills to better serve the organization for future communications.

This workshop is a team-building exercise as well, and encourages inspired collaboration among participants. Writing, editing, and marketing are creative endeavors and results are achieved by harmoniously cooperating.

What it is not: This is not a grammar, spelling or English lesson workshop. While those areas will be observed and attention given if needed, it is not a focus of this workshop.

Time frame
2 Weeks total, from the initial Strategic Blueprint Planning Session, to the 2-Day Workshop, to the final Zoom meeting for wrap-up.

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