About J.M. Lacey Communications

J.M. Lacey Communications was built on empathy


J.M. Lacey Communications, LLC, empowers business owners to effectively communicate their purpose by teaching them through a systematic process how to find and tell their unique story to impact the world.

Here, we focus on writing and brand storytelling, training and coaching. Built on empathy and the desire to eliminate frustration for business owners, leaders and nonprofits, J.M. Lacey Communications seeks ways to simplify what has been unnecessarily complicated using proven systems to achieve results.

J.M. Lacey Communications is the company that can help businesses and nonprofits empower their brand, build loyalty, and strengthen relationships, all of which leads to profit.

We look for ways to simplify what has been unnecessarily complicated.

J.M. Lacey Communications is not your laid-back, casual way of doing business. We operate with professionalism, class, empathy, and quality.

Our goal is to help each business owner and director to look at their organization in such a way to effectively communicate its purpose and mission. J.M. Lacey Communications is known for its storytelling ability and guidance to create a solid foundation for organizations to thrive.

Clients need frustration-free results to meet their goals. They work with us because they trust us to get the job done ethically, thoroughly, and as promised. (see Purpose Statement)

The process we use gives clients peace of mind that we operate the same way with everyone every time, yet we consider them individuals. We operate our business with clients in a predictable, uniform way. And we present a clear blueprint of the entire process from start to finish.

Our services are not a quick fix, à la carte package. All our services are training and coaching focused on providing clients with the tools they need to grow and expand their offerings. We coach their mind-set, vision and the process by helping them shape their systems methods for anyone in their organization to follow and ease their stress and anxieties.

What sets us apart is not the writing or designs or even training we offer, but the patience, professionalism, dignity, respect, and empathy we display.

J.M. Lacey Communications began because of a noticeable trend: both commercial and nonprofit organizations were leaving their amazing stories in the back room. Too much emphasis was placed on advertising, dry grant applications, social media begging. There was no compelling reason to move others to respond.

Storytelling is about creating connection, building trust, resulting in sales.

We work with clients who are overworked and stressed. Organizations lacking systems to function smoothly. People who need strategic plans. Business owners or executive directors who lack time to do what they need to do.

We start by telling your story and then sharing it to impact the world.