Purpose Statement

To help each business owner and director look at their organization in such a way to effectively communicate its purpose and mission. 


Purpose Statement Brief

  • Dealing with you, the client, ethically, honestly and kindly
  • Producing a quality service and product that you can depend on to function as promised
  • Eliminating all sources of frustration
  • Realizing a fair and reasonable profit at a reasonable cost to you
  • Using the best, most efficient management systems available


  • We’re committed to treating our clients, employees and subcontractors and everyone in between with respect and dignity.
  • We’re committed to understanding our clients’ needs and objectives from the beginning and to meeting them.
  • We’re committed to dealing with subcontractors who can embrace the same high standards as our company. We communicate to them our expectations through the process.
  • We’re committed to having a written set of standards of quality and conduct for everyone who works with and for J.M. Lacey Communications. We demand that people do what they say they will do, such as meeting deadlines, controlling costs, and offering top-quality work through efficient management systems.
  • J.M. Lacey Communications takes a systems approach to complete client satisfaction.
  • J.M. Lacey Communications adheres to a professional, classy, respectful and ethical approach to each project to produce trust, confidence, and satisfaction. This creates a frustration-free environment for the client and for J.M. Lacey Communications.