About Johnna Lacey, CEO

Storytelling has always been the heart of how I write. Whether I’m interviewing people and telling their story, sharing their struggles and accomplishments, or I’m writing fiction, what keeps people reading is when they are emotionally invested.

Writing, for me, is a way to move people. To bring tears to their eyes, or laughter to the room. I take another’s story and bring it to life and cause people to react because of how I tell a story.

Storytelling is about creating connection.

This is something I’ve had to learn — and continue to learn — for my own journey.

Storytelling is about creating connection.

Focus has been a challenge for most of my life. I love to do a lot of things — writing, gardening, photography, cooking, exploring museums, golfing, dancing, researching everything from beauty products to health to learning how to focus. I’ve been a journalist, copywriter, editor, marketing director, seamstress, actress, business owner. I start something, give it some time, then move on. Or I start several things at once and run around like a chicken with my head cut off.

Is your head spinning?

Then you feel my OCD pain.

As a business owner, my hurdle has been to narrow down my skills and what I want to do. And the thing that has always popped up each time I’ve had to shape my focus, is my writing.

Influencing hearts with compelling stories.

What sets me apart from other writers?

My writing is raw, genuine. As a people person, I know it takes working with people to dig into the human emotion to be able to relay messages to other humans. While other writers focus on quantity, and use disengaged tools such as AI, I prefer imagination, skill and experience to create a personal journey to share with others.

I run a business that focuses on treating clients with dignity. My values of professionalism, ethics, empathy, respect, commitment and quality are important to me. And I’m able to share my writing skills with my clients and lead them to their objectives and goals.

  • I help clients connect with their audience and develop relationships
  • I create stories to help the clients’ audiences understand the organizations’ impact on them, and on the community
  • I write real, I write raw. I help tell meaningful, relatable stories
  • I don’t take shortcuts. I write ethically, honestly, without the use of AI or other forms of copyist materials

J.M. Lacey Communications is built on the desire to eliminate frustration. I feel your pain because it’s my own. As a caregiver with multiple responsibilities, I built this business with limited time and resources.

Therefore, I don’t have time for added stress and complications. And I’m guessing you don’t either. I simplified the way I run my business and I desire to do the same for you.

I get it. We all need support. And it’s nice when the people who support us are empathetic toward our challenges. Let me help you with your journey because I want to.

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A passion for stories. A passion for enrichment.

Extra tidbits

I’ve been writing professionally for more than 20 years, but writing creatively for 40 years.

I garden, attempt macro photography, and read classic literature.

I enjoy attending symphony concerts, the ballet, and the opera. I’m a trained soprano and also spent a few years training on the piano and in dance.

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