A recurring theme centers on successful organizations: great stories.

People love a great story. When they learn the background of a business, how it started, the challenges it endured, the ah ha moment, or the mistake it made to inspire its product and journey, they develop appreciation for that business. Then they build trust in that organization and its product(s). They see the business — and its people — in an expanded light.

Look at the History Channel’s series “The Food That Built America,” or “The Mega-Brands That Built America,” for example. After you watch an episode, your eyes will see beyond the haze that once clouded your vision of a product. The next time you see that product, you’ll pause and reflect on its backstory.

The same is true for any brand and business. Once people know your story, and they perhaps see themselves in your journey, they will be touched. Then they will buy your product or support your cause.

Make sure your story has that much buying power.

J.M. Lacey Communications offers the following programs for commercial and nonprofit organizations with busy staff, and individuals, who desire to empower their brand and build loyalty, as well as improve their writing and communications skills.

Live Your Brand Training

Training business owners to find and tell their unique story to impact the world. We empower their brand, build loyalty, and clarify perceptions.

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Brand Storytelling Done-for-You

When clients need a partner to tell their unique story for them.

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2-Day VIP Writing Focus Workshop

Designed for busy staff to write better and create engagement.

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Work with J.M. Lacey One-on-One

For individuals who desire one-on-one attention to improve their writing skills or to build their personal brand story.