Our brand story runs deep. Whether we’re trying to run a business or we’re an author, our story establishes our credibility. It tells people not just who we are, but what we stand for.

If you type: “brand storytelling” in Google, you’ll see over 103 million results. Much of the source material can bury us in varying opinions and information regarding what brand storytelling is.

Since my focus in my company is brand storytelling for business owners to help them tell their unique story to impact the world, it’s important I remain alert to learning opportunities for me. I attend webinars and workshops on this topic to find out anything new — anything I can do to help my clients.

What I’ve noticed in all of this, whether it’s focused on commercial businesses or nonprofits, the seminars often blur the lines between brand storytelling and storytelling.

Is there a difference between brand storytelling and storytelling?

If so, how can we simplify the objective of our stories?

Let’s break it down in simple nuggets.

First, here are two descriptive examples:

Brand storytelling

The bees’ hums are a sonata to Happy Acres as the insects hover and dance along the wildflowers. Improving the natural environment to help bees thrive again is more than a vision: it’s a passion. Since opening 10 years earlier, the farm’s acres have expanded its borders to nourish what was once dry land and create a paradise for native life. Their desire is to extend this paradise throughout the world and provide a natural healing. Happy Acres Beauty is more than environmentally conscious beauty products; it’s about restoring the landscape first. Beautiful skin with natural ingredients comes second. We conserve the environment to conserve our natural beauty.


Chelsea and her smiling crew of eager gardeners poured their strength, and their love, into the landscape. Laughter echoes throughout the farm as they toiled over the fresh dirt, planted seeds, and watered the grounds. Soon, they would see growth, followed by the bees pollinating the land. Their goal, as an organization, is to help the bees thrive once again. To restore what had been empty for some time.

The above examples are made up, but it isn’t hard because there are, thankfully, many companies striving for environmentally conscious products.

Although the examples describe the same organization, the brand story focuses on the theme: the overarching idea, while the story is on the plot: what the characters are doing.

Differences between brand storytelling and storytelling

In the brand story, you’ll notice the theme is focused on the company’s values. Their values, their vision, their mission are clear in this description. Brand storytelling is identity. It’s about personalizing your connection with your audience.

You’re trying to build long-term engagement and trust, and that’s what brand storytelling does.

Storytelling is the act of communicating. It’s your messages. In the second example, you’ll notice it focused on an actual event. Storytelling is more marketing rather than branding. Marketing can change. Values do not.

Unlike the long-term engagement you’re trying to create with branding, storytelling is short-lived because it’s related to something specific.

Importance of brand storytelling

Both brand storytelling and storytelling have their place and they are connected.

Your brand is your company, your identity: who you are, and what you stand for. It’s about connecting emotionally with your audience.

Your stories emphasize your identity to capture an audience’s attention.

But remember, without your brand story, your marketing stories are merely content without substance. Your stories are missing the passion, the desire, the vision that should be the foundation for who you are.

Only after you show who you are, can you emphasize what you do.

Question for you: What are your favorite brand stories from organizations?

Our brand story is about who we are and the values we represent. It is our identity. Storytelling is how we tell that story. Our stories help us emotionally connect with our audience and build trusting relationships.

(Photo by Karolina Grabowska from Pexels)

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